United Daughters of the Confederacy(R)
North Carolina Division, Inc
The North Carolina Division United Daughters of the Confederacy was organized by Mrs.
William M. Parsley who had heard that there was such an organization in Nashville,
Tennessee called the United Daughters of the Confederacy.  She had been thinking about
forming a similar organization of the ladies of Wilmington, so she immediately sought
information on how to begin such an organization in North Carolina.  

Her inquiry was answered by Mrs. Anna Davenport Raines, head of the Work in Georgia,
who urged her to apply for a charter with the authority to form chapters.  Mrs. Parsley called a
meeting on 27 December 1894.  Twenty four women signed applications.  They received
their charter and organized with fifty plus members.  Upon discovering that only lineal
descendants were eligible, wives, mothers and sisters were eliminated.  This was most
distressful to the ladies, so Mrs. Parsley determined to attend the next meeting in Nashville,
Tennessee on 30 March 1894 to bring this matter before the Convention.  As a result the
constitutional clause on eligibility was amended.  

On her return home the North Carolina Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy
was officially organized on 28 April 1897 with Mrs Parsley as President and Miss Kate
McKimmon (Raleigh) as Recording Secretary.  The first State Convention was held in
Wilmington on 3 October 1897 with representatives from six chapters in attendance.  At this
convention the Constitution for the Division was formally adopted.